INPLAC implements, since it was founded, a policy of respect for the customer and the constant pursuit of absolute quality in their products and services.

The main programs that support this policy are:

  • Research and Development Lab

    It is responsible for analysis of raw materials and manufactured goods. Its main function is to seek and certify materials and components in accordance with the standards required by the production process.

  • Metrology Lab

    It ensures quality in processes and products in accordance with quality standards. It maintains equipment, tools, devices and calibrated machines.

  • Total Quality Management

    A specific cell created to manage the total quality jobs.

  • Program 5S

    Internal auditors periodically assess the quality procedures and working conditions of each cell.

  • Lean Manufacturing

    Lean production has given new leverage to the quality of products and processes in the company. The main objectives are to reduce costs, increase productivity, improve quality, rationalize product inventory, eliminate workplace accidents and valuing people.

  • ISO 9001

    Revalidated annually, this certification confirms INPLAC high quality products and processes.

  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

    GMP includes a set of measures to ensure sanitary quality and conformity of products for the food industry under federal law.

  • Certificada pelo C-TPAT

    Parceria Aduaneira e Comercial contra o Terrorismo nos Estados Unidos

  • Participative Management

    INPLAC adopts a management philosophy that encourages participation and creativity of their employees.

  • Benefits Plan

    INPLAC believes in the value of its human capital and takes actions in recreational, sporting, medical and dental, childcare, and gymnastics areas, as well as other benefits such as health plan and pharmacy discounts.

  • Training

    Courses, lectures and technical visits are part of the permanent training programs and development of its employees. 

  • Health, Sport and Leisure

    Sport, leisure and community life are encouraged through a sports and social facilities within the company itself and by various cultural and sports center.

  • Partnership with community

    INPLAC has a partnership with Guga Kuerten Institute, attached to social responsibility .The company opens its free area to the community. This project works trough sports activities. The principles of this project are the stimulation of citizenship within equality and respect. The activities promote development,education and inclusion of children and teenagers.

  • Best Converter Award 12 times winner
  • FIESC 2012 Tribute
  • Quality ABFLEXO Award 5 times winner
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